You Must Know: Peter Vack

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You Must Know: Peter Vack

Admittedly the words MTV and scripted comedy don't historically go well together, but in the last few years, the network has done a sensational job of developing original shows and giving them time to blossom.

You already know how much I adore Awkward and an excellent first season, it's time to declare that I Just Want My Pants Back is a worthy comedic companion.

Whether or not the show earns a second season (that decision is still TBD), it's safe to say that the network has found a star in Peter Vack. I caught up with Pants' B.M.O.C. to find out what you can expect from the season finale and what his dream second season would look like! What has it been like starring on a show where your hometown is like one of the main characters?
Peter Vack: Oh man, it's just a dream come true. That sounds trite and a stock line, but it's not. I would pinch myself before, during and after when thinking about this opportunity. I would have flown to Australia to do this kind of TV gig – and here I was getting to do it in my favorite city in the world. I feel like there's a misconception that New Yorkers are jaded. I think any real New Yorker is constantly in love with this city. It would be impossible to get jaded about NY because it's always giving you another reason to fall in love. So being here felt like I was playing for the home team – like I was on The Knicks or something [laughs].

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Insider: Was there a "Holy Sh*t!" moment during filming, where you realized, "I'm around the corner from my house, making a TV show?"
Peter: The one that sticks out was shooting the pilot at this gorgeous rooftop farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – they grow all sorts of produce there, in a very eco-hipster way. The view from the roof was just a gorgeous shot of the Manhattan skyline and in the scene, my character is talking to his nemesis about a job and I remember stepping back, as Peter, and just being in awe of the moment. Jason was looking for a job, which was such a major theme of the show, while marveling at the metropolis that housed my job.

Insider: Aside from the location, what excited you about the journey Jason went on this season?
Peter: I love playing somebody who is searching for something. The show is called I Just Want My Pants Back, but Jason is truly on a search for identity. And it's really fun to play someone who is moving forward. He's romantic and an idealist and he's flawed – he puts his foot in his mouth, he gets into the most awkward situations with the worst women, but it's all from a pure place. The world conspires against him, but his heart is in the right place. As a neurotic, Jewish New Yorker, it's fun playing a neurotic Jewish character [laughs].

Insider: What can we expect from tonight's finale?
Peter: A lot of the storylines will be illuminated. We'll see Jane again, which is exciting, and Tina's new boyfriend plays out in a mysterious way. There's a big emotional life catharsis moment for Stacey and Eric. Plus, we shoot in some really cool locations. I think one place in particular, will blow people away. It is so cool.

Insider: We still don't know if there will be a second season of Pants, so how does tonight's episode leave things?
Peter: It's kind of open-ended, but my hope is that people have grown to love these characters and feel for them in a way that they want to see what happens when they're a little older, wiser and going down the next journey. I hope tonight isn't a series finale, but if it is the only season, I'm proud – but if we get to return, I'll be so excited.

Insider: What's your dream season two?
Peter: My dream would be to do a fall/winter season of Pants – it would add a whole other emotional level to the show. We would get to have different moments and jokes – the great thing about NY is how the seasons affect your life. It would be so cool to see these characters in autumn. The possibilities would be endless and cinematically, it would be gorgeous. If I were running the show, fall would be a definite! There's something so romantic about the city in the winter. Plus, winter-time sexiness is the bomb.

I Just Want My Pants Back airs its season finale tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV.

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