‘Mountain Men’ Guide to Picking a Huntin’ Puppy

Jeremy Belanger

Thursday’s Mountain Men was bittersweet for Rich Lewis. The hunter had to bury his trusted hunting dog but was left with a litter of puppies to continue in her paw prints.

He explained while digging his dog’s grave, “Ruby had puppies and she had some problems. We rushed her to the vet, and Ruby died on the operating table. She had eight puppies. We saved four of ’em. The vet did a heck of a job saving them puppies.”

Lewis soon went about the business of selecting the one puppy that would take Ruby’s place. He was looking for a puppy that exhibited signs of tenacity and independence, so he devised some tests for the puppies. He held the three-week-old dogs on their backs to see how hard they would fight to right themselves. He also made an obstacle course of firewood to see which would be able to get itself out of trouble.

He ended up picking a puppy named Skillet. He said while cuddling his cute soon-to-be hunting partner, “Just some old, good hunting dogs. They make me happy.”

Mountain Men airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.

Watch Mountain Men harvest organic salt for pork because they’re fancy too:

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