Morena Baccarin Talks 'Heartbreaking' Homeland Season Finale & Preparing For On-Screen Nudity: 'I Don't Eat For Weeks!'

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Morena Baccarin on Access Hollywood Live on December 7, 2012 -- Access Hollywood

With only two episodes left of "Homeland's" second season, fans are hungry for hints as to what will go down on the season finale.

Morena Baccarin -- who plays Jessica Brody on the Showtime series -- stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday, where she revealed the finale (titled "The Choice") will be gut-wrenching.

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"It's a really heartbreaking finale," she told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. "It's like a nobody-wins kind of situation."

As fans saw on last week's episode, Morena's character is still finding herself torn between two men - her husband, Sgt. Nicholas Brody (the former POW-turned Congressman and potential Vice Presidential candidate) and Brody's Marine brother Mike Faber, who she became romantically involved with during her husband's absence.

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"I really identified with the plight of this woman - it's such an impossible situation that she's in and it's so beautifully written," Morena said of Jessica's attempt to balance love and family. "There's never an easy day at work on 'Homeland,' let me tell you!"

With the Brody family at a CIA safe house (with Mike!), and the Congressman continually keeping things from his wife and children, it's caused turmoil for the whole family.

"The kids grew up with Mike in the house, so it's really heartbreaking that she has to set that aside," Morena said of Jessica's continual struggles with trying to be a dutiful wife, while still being drawn to Mike. "And she's really trying to put the family back together and Brody's just really not available, and lying - a lot!"

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In an additional interview with Billy after her appearance on Access Hollywood Live, Morena also dished on disrobing for the hit show.

"I'm not 100 percent comfortable with [on-screen nudity] -- I don't know anybody who would be," she said, when asked about filming steamy scenes (like the one where Jessica surprises Mike, who is sleeping in the same safe house as the Brody family). "If I didn't feel that it was appropriate for the character and the show, I would not do it.

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"I feel it's handled very tastefully," she added. "And of course I'm made very comfortable on set, everybody clears the set. It's just the few guys that have to be in there."

Though the 33-year-old actress is svelte and stunning, she said filming nude scenes is "still uncomfortable" and "nerve-wracking."

-- Erin O'Sullivan

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