More Children on the Way for the Beckhams? "You Never Know," Victoria Says

Kate Stanhope
TV Guide
David and Victoria Beckham | Photo Credits: John Shearer/WireImage

David and Victoria Beckham are already parents to four children. But with such great genes,  why stop at four?

In an interview on ITV1's Jonathan Ross show, Victoria said she and her soccer-playing husband are open to the idea of adding to their already-large family. "We might have one more or two more, you never know," she said. "We're not thinking about it yet, but if it happens, great. We're enjoying the kids as it is. It's always a thought."

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It sounds like Victoria might be holding out hope for another girl. She gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Harper, in July 2011. "Harper is seven months now. I can't even look at her without welling up," she said. "After having three boys, you just assume that you're going to have another boy, but when we got told she was a little girl, it was amazing."

However, Victoria also said she would be happy keeping the family exactly how it is now. "We're busy people and we're enjoying the four kids that we've got already and we're lucky, we're lucky to have four healthy children," Beckham said.

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