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The close-knit cast of Fox's "Bob's Burgers" hit the road for a five-city comedy tour called, naturally, "Bob's Burgers Live." "We're the real-life Belchers, except we're grown up, with grown-up desires," said H. Jon Benjamin, who plays patriarch, Bob. "We want a home. We want race cars."

And the real-life Belchers are now one step closer to mortgages and Maybachs because Fox ordered another round of "Burgers." We caught the L.A. performance of "Bob's Burgers" (awesome — if they do a booze cruise celebration tour, you should go), and we talked with them about next season and Joey McIntyre and other relevant matters.

"Bob's" father/creator Loren Bouchard told us that he wanted to go on tour because "you usually don't get to experience your audience, what they look like, what they smell like. You can look for them on the Internet, but the most gratifying thing to do is get out in front of them and be with them and put on an old-fashioned show for them. It's the most gratifying thing in the world. There's no distance between us and our fans."

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The other way to please fans is to tease upcoming episodes, and Bouchard promised that the "Burgers" guest star train will keep rolling, with Kevin Kline, the Silverman sisters, and Megan Mullally all back for sure. Fans can also whet their palates for a wine train.

"We're working on an episode where the kids rob a winetasting train," he said. "The kids are relegated to the juice caboose, and they're so mad that they decide to sneak up and steal the chocolate that gets melted down for the chocolate fountain that's for the adults. Regular Sized Rudy (Brian Huskey) will be back. His dad takes all his dates on the wine train every weekend, so he knows the lay of the land, when they put the chocolate in the refrigerator, when the kitchen is empty because they're singing 'Happy Birthday.'"

Bouchard is also planning a take on "Treehouse of Horror" from "The Simpsons," an episode that will look inside the minds of the kids: "You would see Tina doing her erotic fan fiction. You would see Gene constructing a musical fable for himself where he has a career in music, and you would see Louise telling her story of how she was actually found in an egg in the woods or something like that."

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Can you get Joey McIntyre to be in the erotic fiction?

"OK," he nodded. And we'll take that as a solid 100-percent yes. And as long as Joey is there, maybe we could get more "Boyz 4 Now"?

"'Boyz 4 Now' was a very popular episode," said Schroeder of the genius episode where Tina (Dan Mintz) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) hitched a ride to a boy band concert where Louise became insta-obsessed with one especially dreamy crooner.

Watch the "Boyz 4 Now" episode:

Schaal wouldn't call Louise a stalker, but she did concede that Mel from "Flight of the Conchords" would be impressed by Louise's derring-do: "I guess she is as bad as Mel." Score! Schroeder said an album is possible because the show is so full of music.

In other news, they might add a "villainess character." (We hope she's vegetarian.) And they definitely have Bobcat Goldthwait as a candy cane trucker with mad road rage. We saw a preview — it's hysterical. And Schroeder couldn't be happier. "I have loved him," he gushed. "I told him when I met him that my whole life had been leading up to that moment, and he said that's a lot to live up to."

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If Bobcat can come back, then maybe we can get other '80s favorites. Eugene Mirman, who plays table-scaping Gene, would like to see "The A-Team" meet up with the Belchers. And he's got a message too: "If you're reading this, Mr. T, please come over and teach me how to build a van or something that shoots cabbage. We would be the B-Team." Schaal voted for "Family Ties" and huffed, "That's a no-brainer. The Keatons have two girls and one boy."

True. Now that we're talking family, we can tell you that if you don't know what to get your dad for Father's Day, John Roberts, who plays the lovable, big-purse-carrying mom, Mrs. Linda Belcher, might have the answer. Roberts gives good voicemail. "I've left messages, that sort of thing," he says. "People find me on Twitter or through my manager."

We'd go with Twitter.

"Bob's Burgers" returns Sunday, 6/2 at 8:30 PM on Fox.