Miley's Surprising Studio Snap

Alex Ungerman
The Insider
Miley's Surprising Studio Snap

OK, the haircut was one thing, but it seems like Miley Cyrus is a long way from Disney now.

You might have seen that the recently engaged star has been in full image-rebranding mode for the past year, no doubt trying to shake her childhood image. But in a recent TwitPic (posted by hip-hop artist and producer Pharrell), it looks like Miley has gone from entertaining America's tweens to palling around with rappers they aren't allowed to listen to.

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The photo not only shows Miley in the studio with Pharrell, who is one of the confirmed producers of her as-of-yet untitled fourth studio album, but also controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator, frontman for the Odd Future collective, which somehow is known both for its allegedly homophobic, derogatory lyrics, and its loosely affiliated member, out of the closet singer and R&B sensation Frank Ocean.

Now, it's entirely possible that the two were just hanging out, but it's much more fun to assume that the three of them will be on a track in the very near future.

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It is worth noting that Pharrell tweeted about his enthusiasm for Tyler's upcoming album Wolf a little while after the photo was posted.

"Yo @fucktyler sh*t WOLF is amazing! Once again, I say goodnight to me,Too's Blendinables and dittos. Individuality always wins. #OTHER?"

Can you picture Miley as a hip-hop mogul? Let us know.

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