Miley Cyrus Wins Over ‘Voice’ Singer With 'Cat Lady' Claims

Superfan TV

When you think of Miley Cyrus, the term ‘cat lady’ doesn’t usually spring to mind, but on this week’s edition of The Voice, Cyrus used her cats to win a contestant to Team Miley.

The ‘Party In The U.S.A.’ singer was looking to steal Lauren Diaz away from Alicia Keys during the battle rounds. Diaz had just lost a head to head singing duet to Wé MacDonald, putting her at risk to leaving the competition, when Cyrus buzzed in to snag the singer.

However, Cyrus had her own competition for Diaz, as coach Adam Levine also made a play for the contestant.

The two coaches pleaded their cases to get Diaz, but Cyrus took an interesting strategy. “I only have cats and dogs,” stated Cyrus to Levine. “You have a wife and family. I have nothing going on except this show.”

Her comments prompted host Carson Daly to ask Diaz if she was going to pick the cat lady or the dad. When Diaz went with the new judge, Cyrus screamed out “Score one for the Cat Lady!”