Michelle Obama Discusses Beyonce and Trump in Stephen Colbert's Blanket Fort

The Hollywood Reporter

First lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday to discuss her Let Girls Learn initiative, with a quick stop by his blanket fort first. 

The first topic of discussion in the fort: "If you got stuck on a desert island with one famous person, who'd you pick?"

Colbert immediately picked the president. "How about you?" 


"Wait, can I change to Beyonce?" Colbert joked. 

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He went on to ask, with an added dig at Donald Trump, "Do you know that if you eat too many carrots, you turn orange? And if you turn really orange, you have to start saying crazy things and run for president."

They also guessed at what adults do at work ("probably watch R-rated movies and drink wine") and where babies come from. 

Over at the desk, Colbert asked Obama what it would be like to leave the White House, but she wasn't as sentimental as he might have guessed. 

"It's definitely bittersweet," she said, before adding, "but I've made my kids start packing their rooms already." 

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Discussing her husband, she said that he is able to get out of work mode when with the kids, and he is "really into gossip" at the dinner table (she even added a spot-on impression of the president). The late-night host also asked about what her friend Beyonce is really like. 

"You shouldn't look her in the eye," Obama told him. "She's a special person."

Colbert also pivoted slightly to the election, asking if she was sympathetic to potential first ladies like Melania Trump, mentioning her convention speech that was accused of being plagiarized from Obama herself. 

With a deadpan answer, she answered: "Yeah, that was tough."

Obama appeared on the CBS late-night show to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, which brings awareness and resources to 62 million young women who do not have access to quality education. 

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