Michelle Duggar gets a new 'do

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Michelle Duggar - "19 Kids and Counting"

Michelle Duggar has never had time for a makeover. Of course, with 19 kids, that's no surprise. But on Tuesday night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Michelle and husband Jim Bob finally got new 'dos.

Michelle's childhood friend Cindy visited and gave Michelle her first makeover in 39 years. Michelle's reaction to the new cut: Polite apprehension. Upon seeing her new self gazing back in the mirror, she said, “Wow, it’s definitely different .” When asked if she loved it (talk about a leading question), Duggar said she'd "learn to love it."

Jim Bob got a haircut as well, his first new style in about three decades. "Michelle met me 30 years ago, and this is how I looked," he said, pre-cut. Jim Bob's 'do wasn't as drastic as Michelle's (we couldn't really spot a difference, truth be told). Maybe in another 30 years he'll opt for a Mohawk.