Megyn Kelly Says It’s Been a ‘Dark Year’ Addressing Trump Attacks

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Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly was a guest Wednesday on Today, where she addressed her tumultuous relationship with Donald Trump throughout much of the campaign season. Kelly said some things about Trump on her show, The Kelly File, that he didn’t like, and didn’t treat him the way he thought he should have been treated during a debate. In return, Trump sent out multiple negative tweets about her show and made not-so-vaguely-misogynistic comments about her. Kelly said that all the attention was not what she was looking for.

“I didn’t want to be the story, but Trump kept making me the story. I certainly didn’t want to add fuel to that fire,” Kelly said, later adding, “I just wanted to move on. I wanted to stand him down. I didn’t want to aggravate his supporters anymore, over whom Trump has an enormous effect.”

Kelly also addressed those who believe she benefited from Trump’s attacks, saying, “The two people who flank me on the Fox News Channel are Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Both of those are household names. I’m right in between them. While Trump’s attentions increased my name recognition, I was doing just fine before Trump, and I’ll be doing just fine after him too.”

Some reviewers of Kelly’s new book, Settle for More, have said it contains information about Trump that would have been in the public’s best interest had it been released before the election instead of being kept secret for the book. Kelly disagrees with this perspective. She said that if the Access Hollywood tape — on which Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women — and reports of the 12 women who accused him of the same, along with everything else he’s said and done, didn’t bring him down, then nothing in her book would have.

Stephen Colbert inserted himself into Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview:

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