Meet the Newcomer Actress Cast as Casey Anthony: Holly Deveaux

Yahoo! TV

A movie detailing Casey Anthony's 2011 murder trial will soon be hitting the small screen — and while the cast includes some well-known actors, a relative newcomer has landed the role of the controversial single mother.

A rep for Lifetime confirms to Yahoo! TV that Holly Deveaux, a Canadian actress, has been cast as 26-year-old Casey, the Florida mom convicted of lying to police as they investigated the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in their upcoming movie "Imperfect Justice." This is the biggest role to date for the 19-year-old Casey look-alike — who reportedly beat out Kristen Stewart, Alyssa Milano, and Jennifer Love Hewitt — for the part.

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Deveaux's credits include several TV shows in her native Canada, including the high school drama "Baxter," the TNT telepic "Silent Witness" with Anne Heche and Dermot Mulroney, and most recently the movie short "Wake Me Up." "I'm lucky to have been able to do wide variety of roles in the few years I've been acting professionally," she said in an interview last year. "I've been able to play very, very sweet girls and I've been able to play very dark twisted women."

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Deveaux's role will actually be small compared to the others in the TV movie because the story will center on the trial and its lawyers, not Casey's life. Rob Lowe has been cast as prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who wrote the book “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” on which the movie is based. Elizabeth Mitchell of "Lost" fame with play fellow prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick and “The Office” star Oscar Nunez will be defense attorney Jose Baez.

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As far as casting for the extended Anthony family, Deveaux will be joined by veteran actor Kevin Dunn of “Luck,” who will play Casey's father George, who was accused by his daughter's lawyers of sexually molesting her when she was a child and helping to hide the body of his dead granddaughter. Casting is still underway for Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony.

Alison Cross, who wrote the film said that all the dialogue for Casey will come from public records and they won't be doing re-enactments of Casey's life. “It’s not our intention to make a movie that tries Casey Anthony for the third time,” Cross said. “She was tried in court and she was tried by public opinion.”

The film starts shooting today and will last for 20 days.