Matthew Perry's Awkward Rinkside Chat With Reporter [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Go ahead and cringe now, because this clip is mighty awkward.

Rinkside reporter Dan Moriarty interviewed actor Matthew Perry at a recent Los Angeles Kings playoff game. After a bit of small talk about a Kings goal, Moriarty shifted the chat to show biz. Bad move. The reporter seemed unaware that Perry's show, "Go On," had just been canceled.

"For a guy like you," Moriarty said. "Big news today, and congratulations is in order."

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Perry had to be confused or annoyed by the comment, but he still responded with a diplomatic answer that acknowledged the hardworking people who had lost their jobs. "Oh, thank you. You're talking about my show getting canceled. It was sort of a sad day because of the people, and I'm gonna miss them."

Perry then deadpanned, "But this show I was doing was really getting in the way of some Kings games."

Moriarty appears to try to recover, saying something about how this was really a "double-edged sword congratulations." Which is odd. It seems more like a single-edged condolence situation to us.

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This is the latest in a string of TV cancellations for Perry. Despite his megasuccess with "Friends," the actor has struggled to even come close to landing another hit program.

In addition to "Go On," which was canned after one season, Perry has also starred in several other short-lived series. "Mr. Sunshine," a comedy starring Perry as manager of a San Diego sports arena, was canceled during its first season. And the heavily hyped "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" from creator Aaron Sorkin didn't get a second season.