Martin Sheen breaks out his Brando impression on ‘Anger Management’

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

Charlie Sheen’s new FX comedy “Anger Management” is looking more and more like a family reunion. First, his ex-wife Denise Richards popped in to play a kooky love interest a few weeks back. Now Charlie’s father, “West Wing” star Martin Sheen, is set to guest star on the August 16 episode as (what else?) Charlie’s dad. And there’s a special bonus in there for all you “Apocalypse Now” fans: Martin’s “Anger” appearance includes a sly wink to his famous film role, with Martin even breaking out a surprisingly decent Marlon Brando impression.

It’s no secret that Charlie is obsessed with “Apocalypse Now.” As a kid, he joined his dad on set during filming of that movie, and he told TV critics this weekend “it’s the greatest movie ever made.” On “Anger,” Charlie and his dad were improvising a bar scene with Martin’s character doing a number of impressions -- Bogart, Cagney, etc. -- before Charlie egged him on to “do Brando from ‘Apocalypse.’ I’ll play you as Willard.” Martin obliged, doing Kurtz’s famous “Are you an assassin?” speech in Brando’s trademark whisper.

Watch the original "Apocalypse Now" scene right here:

Martin has a long history of joining his son on-screen. The two co-starred in Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” as father and son, and Martin also guest starred on “Spin City” and “Two and a Half Men” when Charlie starred on those shows. And if you like seeing Martin on “Anger Management,” good news: You’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him soon. If “Anger” gets renewed by FX (and “the odds are overwhelming,” according to FX president John Landgraf), Martin will join the series as a recurring cast member next season.

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The proposed renewal order is a huge one: an additional 90 episodes, taking “Anger” straight into syndication. That’s a lot of jokes to write, but Charlie Sheen says he’s not feeling the pressure. With typical rock-star-from-Mars bravado, he told TV critics he embraces the challenge: “I don’t think 90 is gonna be enough… I feel that we’ve just scratched the surface, barely.” Yeah, Charlie, when do we get to see your Brando impression?    

“Anger Management” airs Thursdays at 9:30 PM on FX.