Say What?! Martha Stewart Admits to Sexting!

Jackie Willis
ET Online

Did Martha do it? After admitting to Andy Cohen a few weeks ago that she knows how to roll a joint, the Watch What Happens Live host was eager to see what else the 71-year-old homemaker would cop to -- and her confessions are jaw-dropping!

White House Down star Maggie Gyllenhaal was there to guess whether Martha actually did what was being asked, and here are all of Martha's answers:

Andy: "Have you had a one-night stand? Martha: "Yes."

Andy: "Martha, have you gotten a speeding ticket?" Martha: "Um, I talked myself out of it."

Andy: "Has Martha ever been with a lady?" Martha: Nods her head "no."

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Andy: "Has Martha ever sexted?" Martha: Nods her head "yes."

Andy: "Has Martha ever been to a strip joint?" Martha: Nods her head "no."

Andy: "Has Martha ever had a threesome?" Martha: "Maybe."

Martha's public persona may have gotten a little wilder after this game, but the TV personality did deny ever taking a hit of acid or drinking under age.

For more with Martha, including her reaction to Paula Deen, check out the video, below:

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