Marshawn Lynch Plays Willy Wonka on ‘Conan’

Jeremy Belanger

On Tuesday’s Conan, Marshawn Lynch revealed that his retired life is just as interesting as his NFL career. The former running back, known as Beast Mode, has begun to make Beast Mode chocolate bars.

Since Lynch is every bit as intriguing as the famous candy maker, Willy Wonka, he decided to take a page out of his playbook. Lynch announced to the Conan audience that under one seat was a chocolate bar that contained a golden ticket. The person who found it would receive a trip to the chocolate factory where the bars are made.

There was a little bit of an incident, as Lynch wanted the lucky winner to show the golden ticket, but the winner didn’t want to open it. Conan O’Brien and Marshawn Lynch both jokingly accused the winner of trying to hawk the prize. After Lynch charged into the audience stands, the man revealed the ticket.

Despite the aggressive appearance, Lynch has a soft heart, donating proceeds of his candy bars to his Fam 1st Family Foundation.

Conan airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS.

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