Marshawn Lynch to Guest on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Tony Maglio
The Wrap
Marshawn Lynch to Guest on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” just activated Beast Mode.

Former NFL stud running back Marshawn Lynch is set to guest star on the Fox ensemble comedy.

Playing himself in the first of two back-to-back winter finale episodes, Lynch will witness a mass escape of convicts from a prison van on the streets of New York City. The ex-Seattle Seahawks player is brought into Andy Samberg’s precinct for questioning, though the squad is doubtful they’ll get much information out of him, given Lynch’s record with the press.

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In case you missed it, Lynch famously didn’t get along with the media in his playing days. He notoriously offered one-word answers to reporters during postgame interviews and often answered every question with the same response, although he would switch up the response on a weekly basis. He was even mocked on “Saturday Night Live” for his now infamous pre-Super Bowl media session.

You do the math on what would make hilarity ensue the most on the funny Fox sitcom.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” heads back to Sunday for Lynch’s guest spot on January 1, 2017. Then, the two half-hours kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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