Magic Meets Science in Comic Book Murder Mystery 'Ether' (Exclusive Trailer)

The Hollywood Reporter

Worlds collide in the new independent comic book series Ether, which sees the greatest explorer from Earth - a scientist called Boone Dias - brought in to solve a murder on a world ruled by magic.

The series centers around the question of, in the words of co-creator and writer Matt Kindt, "what would happen if the world's greatest scientist, detective and the most rational mind on Earth was suddenly transported to a mythical world filled with talking gorillas, warring faerie tribes and a sword-wielding queen-protector. How does a scientist cope in a world where magic is real and the murder he is asked to solve was committed, literally, with a magic bullet?"

Kindt, whose other work includes Dept. H and Valiant's Divinity series, is joined on Ether by David Rubin, whose work the writer described as "timeless [and] mythic" - qualities that are obvious from the trailer, which debuts exclusively on Heat Vision today.

The first issue of the series, which Kindt calls, "Sherlock Holmes in a hallucinatory Lord of the Rings fantasy world," will apparate in comic book stores and digitally this Wednesday.

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