Mac Miller hopes to take rap game by storm in new MTV2 reality series [Exclusive video]

Yahoo! TV

Move aside Pauly D and Shwayze, MTV is trying its hand at another reality show that chronicles the life of a hopeful up-and-coming music star. This time it's Mac Miller, a 21-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh. The series, which will air on MTV2, follows Mac and his best buds from Philly (Peanut, Quentin, Big Dave, and Jimmy) as they navigate the L.A. scene and he records his next album, "Watching Movies with the Sound Off."

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In this exclusive clip from "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" (the family being his bffs), the typical MTV2 hijinks abound. Big mansion with pool and hot tub? Check. Girls dancing in bikinis? Check. A $100,000 Fisker Karma? Check. Trip to Vegas and popping bottles? Check.

Aside from the "Jackass" meets "Rob and Big" feel, this young hip-hop star might have something different to offer. He was named one of MTV's "Artists to Watch" in 2011 and was crowned Complex Magazine's "Man of Next Year" at the end of 2012. So now that it's next year, does this rapper have what it takes to take over the City of Angels and then the world?

To find out, tune in to "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" on Tuesday, 2/26 at 11:30 PM ET on MTV2.