Mac and PC Reunite! See Justin Long and John Hodgman Together Again

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Mac and PC are showing everybody that yes, everybody can get along!

Justin Long ("Mac") and John Hodgman ("PC") played computing rivals in a series of Apple ads a few years ago. But as this Twitter photo posted by a moustached Hodgman shows, the two actors are buddies offscreen. They both attended a party at Soho House in New York City earlier this week.

Apple’s "Get a Mac" campaign, which ran from 2006-09, featured Long as the young, cool, hipster "Mac" opposite Hodgman's buttoned-up businessman. The successful series became part of pop culture, and Adweek named "Get a Mac" the best advertising campaign of the oughts.

It also made a star out of the drily funny Hodgman. As he explained to Engadget, "The villain of any story is often the most compelling character. Justin, who is brilliantly funny, of course must play the hero, and the Luke Skywalkers of the world always catch a certain amount of flack. It's unfair, but inevitable, and I don't think it has caused people to buy more PCs anymore than it caused people to root for the empire over the Jedi. The Jedi still are the best. And they don't get viruses."

Check out the commercials: