Lupita Nyong’o’S Must-Have Pink Lipstick Shade

THR Staff
The Hollywood Reporter

The Queen of Katwe actress' makeup pro Nick Barose opted for pink instead of classic red carpet-red lips. Here's how he chose just the right shade for the film's Los Angeles premiere to complement Nyong'o's lilac Elie Saab gown and traditional African head wrap (No. 4 on THR's Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2016.

How'd you choose Lupita's pink lip shade?

I always knew that I wanted something in the pink, purple, fuchsia, magenta or lilac range, so I pre-selected 4 to 5 shades to try and see what we loved most. One option was Lancome's new Lance L'Absolu Rouge in a pink hue - I thought about going more purple-y, which looked good on, but felt too funky and edgy. I wanted something more feminine, so we tried deep pinks. The winner was L'Absolu Rouge in Rose (shade 378) - it's bright, creamy and not too matte.

How did you apply the lip product?

For a bold color such as this one, always apply product directly from the lipstick tube - you will get a much better pigment that way. I started from the center and swiped outwards toward the outer corners of Lupita's lips to keep it symmetrical since a bold color can look lopsided if you're not careful. Then, for extra precision, I used a lip brush to clean up around the edges and hard-to-reach places like her Cupid's bow and inner corners. Lastly, I used Lancome Le Crayon in Cherub, a soft gel lip pencil in a similar shade, to draw along the edges and clean it up.

Why'd you choose pink instead of red?

Red can feel traditional and serious … sort of like wearing all black, so I prefer alternate bold colors like fuchsia that are still glamorous, but fresh.