Love in the Wild Photo Recap: No One Wishes They Were Jesse's Girl

Michael Slezak
So You Think You Can Dance Recap: And Then There Were Twelve…

Jesse’s gross behavior continued this week on Love in the Wild, moving Ken to fury, Ali to disgust, and Jenny McCarthy to an expression of “Oh no she ditn’t!” that many of us have used in response to the “wacky” host’s media interviews over the past several years.

If you missed the episode, the six remaining couples embarked on a challenge that involved the carting of coconuts, the retrieval of a map from beneath a waterfall, and the cutting and delivering of 50 lbs of bananas. Jesse and Ali came out on top after Ken/Janina and Chase/Summer failed to follow instructions, but it was budding lovebirds Jason and Vanessa who got booted after a last-place finish and a couples ceremony that didn’t leave any of their rivals in the dreaded “Unmatched Area.”

Beyond that, the pertinent details are all captured in the timeless form of the screen grab. So click through the gallery below, then hit the comments and share your thoughts on Episode 4, and which “couples” you’re rooting for in the competition/in life.

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