Love Endures on 'Parenthood'

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
Love Endures on 'Parenthood'

When it was announced that Jason Ritter had signed on for Jason Katims' new pilot, County, fans of Parenthood freaked out in unison since that implied an unhappy ending for his character's relationship with Sarah.

And while there are lots of factors in limbo with this situation (neither County nor Parenthood have been officially picked up for next season), Ritter reassures fans that Mark and Sarah's storyline isn't coming to a premature end.

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"I love how people are going, 'Oh God, it's going to break them up!' I think the characters are so far in that relationship that you can't just end it abruptly, especially when I've just asked her to marry me," Jason tells Vulture. "It's not as if County is a one-guy show — it's about all six of us — so I'll have time to run back and forth. So we'll see what happens. Whatever they choose, it's going to make me weepy when I watch it."

Now that you've let out a sigh of relief, dig in to what Jason says about his potential new show -- created by Parenthood mastermind, Jason Katims. "I love Jason Katims. I had such a great time as a recurring character on Parenthood that I knew even before I got the script for County, whatever it was, that I would want to do it. And it's dramatic but not overly melodramatic. It's like how real life can be serious and also funny. It's about six interns at one of the toughest hospitals, in terms of being overwhelmed with patients, being underfunded, understaffed."

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