London 2012: Britain Wins First Gold Medal in Front of Royal Audience

London 2012: Britain Wins First Gold Medal in Front of Royal Audience

LONDON – Prince William and Prince Harry were among the British crowds who watched Team Great Britan break its gold drought at the Summer Olympics here as women's pair Helen Glover and Heather Stanning rowed to victory.

The Royals were in the crowd at Eton Dorney to watch the duo dominate the race to win the U.K.'s first gold of the Games.

The duo's gold-winning row was instantly trumpeted across the British media with an almost audible sigh of relief. One BBC Radio 5 Live commentator noted he hoped the win would "burst the cloud of expectation hanging over Team GB."

As the women's rowing duo approached the finish line way ahead of theircompetitors, the crowd was heard making much noise. A BBC commentatorscreamed: "The fans are going absolutely mad…They are making historyhere."

As they finished the race, the commentator said: "We stand up, and wesalute you."

Other British media also couldn't contain their excitement.

BBC Sport spokesman Scott Branch tweeted: "It's gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hethen added: "Huge cheer in the BBC Production office as Team GB clock up
their first gold in the women's pair."

A News International Twitter account said: "Our 1st GOLD, well done Gloverand Stanning!!!!"

The British rowing duo is unbeaten in 2012, having won gold in all three World Cups before setting an Olympic best in the first heat to qualify for this final. They clocked a time of 7:27.13 to also become the first British female rowers to win an Olympic title.

The medals for the pair ended Britain's four-day wait for a first gold medal.