Local News Catfight Alert! Anchor and Meteorologist Get Snippy on Air [Video]

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Who knew local news could be so interesting?

Only in Philadelphia, it seems. First, Fox's "Good Day Philly" anchors cracked up after interviewing Olympian/reality star/airhead Ryan Lochte. Now, two CBS broadcasters' long-simmering on-air feud has been exposed.

Gawker dug up a video compilation of the passive-aggressive sniping between anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson.

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In one instance about a month ago, Erickson asked for applause for a sunny forecast. Brewer halfheartedly clapped and looked annoyed. "How's that Carol? Good enough for you?" she sneered.

"That's lackluster," an offscreen Erickson replied.

It doesn't seem like things are always so tense between the two women — in the video below they chat pleasantly and even wear matching outfits — but Brewer, a former Miss Pennsylvania, clearly learned a few "Mean Girls" lessons from the pageant circuit. With a little smirk on her lips, she's almost artful about deploying digs at her colleague.

In one clip, a disdainful Brewer told Erickson she would call the forecast "bananas," but "I know that's completely wasted on you. So I won't. Taking it back right now." (Oh, snap!)

But maybe the most barbed exchanged of them all started when Brewer said, "I can see you pulling that whole 'don't you know who I am?' [act]."

"You don't know me at all!" Erickson responded, then added, "Yes, that was an interesting little exchange she regrets, along with that glass of whatever." (Oh, snap, 2.0!)

Give them both another glass of "whatever" and let's see the claws really come out!

See photos of Brewer during her pageant days: