Lisa Whelchel has a 'Survivor: Philippines' breakdown: 'Maybe I'm just not able to play this game'

Yahoo! TV

Despite being a self-proclaimed "Survivor" fanatic, former "Facts of Life" star Lisa Whelchel is learning, only two episodes into this season, that watching "Survivor" is a lot different than playing "Survivor."

During last night's episode of "Survivor: Philippines," Whelchel is seen alone, crying and feeling like a complete outsider among the other castaways. "I don't feel like I'm fitting in," the recently divorced former child star laments. "I'm already on the outside and don't really have anyone that I can trust or talk to." In fact, her Tandang tribemates were already talking about eliminating her first when the time came. Luckily for Whelchel, her tribe was saved from going to Tribal Council, in part because of her outstanding performance as a caller in a three-step puzzle challenge.

With the pressures of the game and loneliness bearing down on her, how much longer can Whelchel outwit, outlast, and outplay?