Lisa Kudrow Battles for Snot Ball on 'Wendell & Vinnie'

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Lisa Kudrow Battles for Snot Ball on 'Wendell & Vinnie'

Lisa Kudrow will be back in front of a studio audience (at least for one week) for Nickelodeon's freshman comedy "Wendell & Vinnie." Clearly, this show is already nabbing some A-list talent! "Reno 911's" Thomas Lennon will also be guesting alongside the "Web Therapy" star.

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In this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode, "Swindle & Vinnie," Vinnie (Jerry Trainor), who owns a pop-culture memorabilia shop, is going head-to-head with his biggest rival, Natasha (Kudrow), for the collectibles of a whimsical celebrity (Lennon) — one movie souvenir in particular.

"Hello, Vincent," says Natasha as they both grab the same item. "Get your hands off my snot ball!"

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"As you taught me many years ago, it's not yours until they take your money," Vinnie responds.

Kudrow talked to EW about her guest role: "She used to be Vinnie's boss. He apprenticed under Natasha. I think she's a little bitter he's gone off and done well without her."

To find out who scores the snot ball and what lesson little Wendell (Buddy Handleson) learns, tune in to "Wendell & Vinnie" on Thursday, 6/13 at 8:30 PM.