Lindsay Lohan Puts a Gun to Her Head

Antoinette Bueno
The Insider
Lohan Snags A 'Scary' Co-Star in Sheen

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to shocking photo shoots, especially when she teams up with controversial photographer Terry Richardson, but has she finally crossed the line this time?

Richardson recently posted these shocking new Lindsay pics on his Tumblr "Terry's Diary" today, but has since wisely taken them down.

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But since nothing ever dies on the Internet, the disturbing black and white photos featuring a disheveled Lindsay posing with a gun, sticking it her mouth and under her chin are with us forever.

Clearly, she's upgraded her weapon of choice.

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But after her recent paramedics scare and people being quick to assume the worst, you would think she would work a little harder to show people she's stable, not mock her own obvious issues right?

... And just like that, another big time delay in the Lindsay Lohan comeback train.

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