Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Drunk History' Version of 'Hamilton'

Superfan TV

On Drunk History, an intoxicated Lin-Manuel Miranda got to tell the Alexander Hamilton story in a way he probably never could have told it on Broadway.

"Hello, my name is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Today we're gonna talk about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr," Miranda said before clinking glasses with the show's host, Derek Waters.

There were many great moments in the episode, but perhaps the best thing about this version of Hamilton was that the tickets were free.

During a scene in which Hamilton rides a flaming a ship, Miranda declared, "This is the stuff you can't do in a play."

Later, in a Constitutional Convention scene, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl played one of the founding fathers who questioned Hamilton's motives.

In the end, even in Miranda's drunk telling of the end, Hamilton still died.

"Whether Hamilton lived or died. He won the duel. And, so Hamilton wins," Miranda said. "He wins in a 200 years later they're writing musicals where I am a martyr type way."