‘Life in Pieces’ First Look: Dougie Comes Out With Big News

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Here are two words that should bring Thanksgiving joy to the hearts of all Life in Pieces fans: Dougie subplot!

In the totally non-turkey of a storyline teased in the clip above, Dougie (scene stealer Fortune Feimster) calls roommates Matt and Colleen to schedule a meeting because she has big news to share. Matt’s worried it involves the unconscious body they saw her dragging into the house the night before, so he’s relieved when Dougie arrives home and tells them that despite “bagging D after D after D,” she now realizes that she’s gay.

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Matt’s concerned again when Dougie asks for help in beginning her “lesbian journey” and Colleen immediately offers info on her favorite lesbian bar. Cut to Colleen, Jen, and Heather accompanying Dougie on a ladies’ night out, where all the women have firsthand advice for Dougie.

Elsewhere in the “Dinner Professor Steps Lesbian” episode, Cary Elwes guest-stars as Joan’s creative-writing teacher, whose praise for Joan’s work leads John to assume the professor has a crush on her. Matt and Colleen are the guests for an awkward dinner party with newlyweds Clementine and Tyler, and baby Lark takes her first steps, but Jen tries to keep it secret from Greg, who missed the milestone while he was away on a business trip.

Life in Pieces airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.