‘Life in Pieces’ First Look: Did Grandpa Invite a Stripper to Lark’s First Birthday Party?

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The best-laid plans of mice and mamas… Jen and Greg want to have a simple family celebration for daughter Lark’s first birthday, but when the rest of the Short family gets involved, things go from G-rated to G-string.

In the preview clip above, from Nov. 17’s Life in Pieces episode, Greg’s brother Matt and fiancée Colleen arrive with a lovely, simple gift for the birthday girl: a single rose picked from their garden. Except, when Jen removes the flower from its wrap, the silky redness turns out to be a pair of undies definitely not appropriate for Lark (and plucked not from a garden, but from a gas station on the way to Lark’s party).

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And speaking of inappropriate, grandpa John also brings a very special giftie for Lark, in the form of her very own princess, who arrives in full costume. But the family suspects that the party princess may be used to working with a more mature clientele, which leaves Jen and Greg just hoping they can get Lark to eat some cake and take a pretty picture before the kiddie bash turns into a Vegas-style blowout.

Elsewhere, Matt becomes a cheapskate when he finds out how much Colleen loves a thrifty fella; John tries to help Sophia get over her fear of flying by throwing her into the deep end of the pool, er, sky; and Tim decides he has to fire one of his employees: his receptionist — and wife — Heather.

Life in Pieces airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.