Liam Talks Miley's New 'Do & 'Catching Fire'

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
Liam Talks Miley's New 'Do & 'Catching Fire'

2012 has been a relatively massive one for Liam Hemsworth -- he not only starred in one of the year's biggest films, but he got engaged, worked with countless idols and became an international sex symbol.

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This morning, in promotion of The Expendables 2, he appeared (via satellite) on Good Morning America to reflect on the overwhelming events of 2012 and Josh Elliott didn't hesitate going right for the hard questions.

When asked about Miley Cyrus' much debated new 'do, Liam said, "Her hair looks great, it's a big change, it looks really fantastic." But Liam was totally unaware of the online hubbub surrounding his fiancee's snip. "I try not to go on the internet too much. I try to keep my life right in front of me. It makes me nervous."

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It shouldn't be too hard to isolate himself from that in the months to come as Liam is busier than ever -- he's not only filming the corporate espionage thriller Paranoia right now with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman (an experience he calls "incredible"), but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is about to go into production.

"We're getting ready to shoot the second one and there's double the excitement in this one," Liam said. "It's more intense than the first one." As for why he's looking forward to the sequel, the actor said, "The characters are evolving and the relationships are evolving, so it's gonna be really fun."

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