Last Call! Inside the 'Hangover 3' Premiere

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Last Call! Inside the 'Hangover 3' Premiere

Last Call! "The Hangover Part III" Premiere

For the last time, the Wolfback came back.

Moving west from "Part II's" Hollywood premiere, "The Hangover: Part III" festivities took over Westwood on Monday night.

Above, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms hug Ken Jeong, who is the central character this time out. Wolfpacker Zach Galifianakis is missing from this particular bro-huddle and vamped by climbing in to the trunk of his car service to entertain the fans behind the barricades.

The full group of stakeholders hoping for a big opening, including new Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara (far left).

Warner Bros. packed the Regency Village in Westwood with tons of fans for the comedy, leading to a raucous crowd. In a surprising twist, nobody is ever actually hungover in the movie, until a final explicit kicker in the credits.

Above: Heather Graham, who returns for a few scenes, arrives in Westwood.

They built a Ceasar's Palace in Westwood for the after-party. The fountain statues were real people and the menu stuck close to the theme of the "The Hangover II," Thai street noodles in handheld boxes.

Writer-Director-Producer Todd Phillips and Warner Bros' President Jeff Robinov inside by Bradley Cooper's bungalow, which had heat all night, despite the relatively tame celebration inside. At the party hosted by Samsung Galaxy, Phillips introduced the head of his parachute team (which figures in to a key moment in the film) to Robinov. 

Spotted in the crowd: Michael Bay sipping on a beer, former SNL costars Kevin Nealon and Molly Shannon, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, and the suddenly reemerging Hanson (see below).

The movie opens with late night screenings on Wednesday. 

YouTube's Comedy Week Kicks Off ... Live

"It's like 'Shark Week,' only less real, or more real," Randy Sklar slugged in a promo for YouTube's Comedy Week.

Above: Any Samberg and his group The Lonely Island performed with T-Pain.

The week kicked off with a variety show dubbed the "Big Live Comedy Show" at Culver Studios on Sunday night, and perfectly represented YouTube's current position at a content crossroads: Top-tier talent like Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, and Sarah Silverman delivered big laughs while most of the native YouTube talent underwhelmed on the big stage and in this live forum, though probably played better where it counts -- on screens.

Silverman is now somewhat of a YouTube native, having launched the "Jash" channel for original content with Michael Cera. 

Above: Rogen and Silverman did a sketch relating  to the lawless nature of the internet, and threatened to play a pirated copy of  "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

Below: Tummy Talk is exactly what you think it is – a trio playing music by slapping this flabby man.

While "The Office" signed off last week, Ricky Gervais' fountainhead character David Brent returns with new clips on Gervais' channel this week, along with new content from twitter master Rob Delaney and the UCB among other big names making debuts each day.

Joel Gallen and Daniel Kellison produced the two hour live show.

Skrillex, who closed the show with Hannibal Buress, is next off to the opening of the new "Light" at Mandalay Bay, a joint venture between The Light Group and Cirque du Soleil during Vegas' highest high season of the year – Memorial Day Weekend.

"M:I 5's" 500 Watt Smiles

Before it made $84 million this past weekend, Tom Cruise turned up for his once and future "Mission: Impossible" partner J.J. Abrams at the premiere of "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

Paramount CEO Brad Grey, Vice-Chairman Rob Moore, and Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie all cycled through for a Cruise photo opp at the after party at AV. Cruise got away with sunglasses, inside, at night. The forgiveness comes mainly because they looked an awful lot like the iconic "Risky Business" Ray-Bans.

While Star Trek was the hot premiere in LA of the week, there was another that was intentionally muted:

Peek-a-Boo Premiere

The EDM threat level: blue. Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) at Miami's Ultra Music Festival in March.

Kaskade had a riot-free DVD premiere of his "Freaks of Nature" concert documentary in Hollywood last week, and while security was tight, it was several stars down the "Grand Theft Auto" chaos-meter from the last local outing.

The last time Kaskade featured at a film premiere in Hollywood, "The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience" in June 2011, it ended in chaos. Encouraged by social media to come out for a complementary (and complimentary) Kaskade set, a flash mob swelled, police responded out in riot gear, and the Hollywood and Highland metro station was temporarily closed down.

This time at Playhouse Nightclub, the location was not released until lunch time on the day of the premiere. The result: All clear.  The documentary captures Kaskade's industry-first, sold out, headline performance at the Staples Center last summer.  Hiding from rabid fans is a luxury problem, one that comes with green.

So You Think You Can Tour

Meanwhile on Sunday night, a who's-who of reality dance shows convened. Carrie Ann Inaba and Paula Abdul hit the valley for the premiere of the Shaping Sound tour, a dance company collaboration between Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson that is now going on tour nationwide through June. Adam Shankman turned up, rounding out the represenation from "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

Also over the weekend, Breckin Meyer braved the Saturday crowds at the Grove to hit the Carolle Adopt-a-Doll Event with daughters Clover and Caitlin.

The Roosevelt: Still Young Hollywood's Choice

As promised above, that hipster with the camera on the right is Taylor Hanson (of "MMMBop" immortality) all grown up. 

He's with Nylon Magazine's choice to cover their Young Hollywood issue, Chloe Moretz, at the issue party at the Roosevelt on May 14.

Jaden Smith, 14 (on the young end of "young hollywood"), and a "haven't-heard-much-from-you-lately" Audrina Patridge, twice his age at 28, also hit the poolside party.

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