Kris Jenner Stops Kendall from Answering Question About Kylie, Amid Pregnancy Rumors

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On Wednesday’s Late Late Show, Kendall Jenner joined James Corden for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, a game that involves a choice between answering tough questions and eating or drinking disgusting stuff — really disgusting stuff. But someone was missing from the game. Kylie Jenner was supposed to be there with her sister, but had called the day before to cancel her appearance, saying she was sick. The problem was that Corden had a paparazzi photo of Kylie that indicated that she was not sick. There are rumors swirling around in publications such as In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly that Kylie is pregnant, and that may have something to do with her absence. Now, Corden had Kendall on the hot seat.

With a glass of clam juice sitting in front of her, Kendall was asked how Kylie was feeling. Before she could answer, someone from the side of the stage yelled for her to drink the juice. Everyone turned to see Kris Jenner, Kendall and Kylie’s mom.

One more time, Kris yelled, “Drink the clam juice!”

Kendall immediately followed her mother’s command, without even flinching. Apparently, though, some family questions were not off limits. Kendall has three nieces and nephews called Dream, North, and Saint. Corden asked Kendall to rank their names, from best to worst. It may have had something to do with the sardine smoothie sitting in front of her, but Kendall eventually answered the question. Kris remained quiet.

“I like North. I’ve always liked North,” said Kendall. After a little coaxing from Corden, Kendall finished her answer, “North. Saint. Dream.”

After answering the question about her nieces and nephews, Kendall was asked another question that she was not willing to answer. Kendall is a member of what is known as “Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad,” which includes several other famous young women. When Corden asked her to name her least favorite member of the squad, Kendall immediately threw back the bird saliva that was sitting in front of her, then immediately spit it out.

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