Kris Humphries Pokes Fun at Kanye West (Video)

Kimberly Potts
The Wrap

Yes, Kris Humphries has noticed who his estranged wife is spending time with: Humphries stars in a new Funny or Die spoof in which he pokes fun at Kanye West and gets tips from his (fake) management team on how to be a bigger douchebag.

West and Kim Kardashian -- Humphries' soon-to-be ex -- have acknowledged they're dating each other, and Humphries takes a couple of subtle shots at the rapper in the video, as he dons a pair of West's trademark shutter-style sunglasses, only to be told "we don't want you to look like an asshole … we just want you to look like a douchebag."

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Next, Humphries' agent tells him, "I have several awards ceremonies booked for you to just spontaneously ruin."

We have no idea that joke's referencing.

Watch the Funny or Die clip:



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