‘Kris’ Hits Season High With North West Baby Photo Reveal

‘Kris’ Hits Season High With North West Baby Photo Reveal

Kris Jenner and Twentieth Television scored a big season finale ratings bump Friday when Kanye West made an appearance on Kris and debuted a photo of North West, his baby with Jenner’s daughter Kim Kardashian. The highly anticipated West interview episode notched a series-high 1.7 household rating and did particularly in LA and Dallas markets where it was #1 in its time period. But for the syndicated talk show’s entire six-week run on selected Fox stations, Kris didn’t make a splash and came out just about even (0.8 in HH metered markets) with last year’s time period and with its lead-in. On YouTube the show’s channel hit a high of 4.3M views in its final week, comprising over half of its 8.1M views to date.

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