Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive Preview: Necessity Is the Mother of an Intervention

Michael Slezak

This week’s installment of Kitchen Nightmares reduces a gruff dad to the brink of tears — without so much as a chopped onion or a shouting Chef. Gordon Ramsay to prompt the Kleenex moment.

Instead, the waterworks at Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room are prompted by the titular restaurateur hearing harsh truths from his disgruntled employees — who just so happen to be his seven children. It turns out Sam’s offspring have been toiling away at the failing eatery up to seven days a week, and often without pay. And nope, getting free meals off the restaurant’s super-bland menu probably isn’t much of a perk.

Press play below for an exclusive sneak peek at the tentative, tremulous intervention staged by Sam’s children. Kitchen Nightmares airs tonight at 8/7c on Fox.

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