Kid Ballerina Beats the Competition on ‘Chopped Junior’

On Chopped Junior, 12-year-old ballerina Evelyn Dugan was able to spin past her competition to win the cooking show.

Dugan says she’s been able to translate her dancing techniques in her cooking. She also says that traveling to other countries has boosted her culinary creativity.

Considering the ingredients she had to work with, Dugan got the opportunity to be very creative. In the appetizer round, she made meatballs out of pig ears and garnished them with a dollop of ginger relish. The judges applauded her clean presentation as well as the delectability of the dish.

Dugan also made ostrich steaks with truffle sauce and quinoa for her entrée, and she finished off the competition in the dessert round with her papaya trifle with a monkey bread crumble and queso fresco cream.

Chopped Junior airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the Food Network.

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