Kevin Spacey’s Hot Seatmate Mystery Solved!

Lynda Brendish

Many people were wondering on Sunday night who the hot, hat-wearing dude Kevin Spacey took to the Emmys was – and now we know! It was his manager, Evan Lowenstein, formerly of the pop duo, Evan and Jaron.

Viewers first spied Lowenstein seated next to Spacey, who was nominated for his lead role in House of Cards, as he smiled coolly during the Emmys broadcast.

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Although Lowenstein was later replaced in his seat by Spacey’s Cards castmate, Robin Wright, the people’s curiosity could not be stopped.

There were even jokes about Lowenstein’s hipster coffeehouse look.

But the mystery was soon solved, as the world eventually realized that Lowenstein and his brother, Jaron, were responsible for giving us such hits from the early 2000s like “The Distance” and “Crazy for this Girl.”

And the 42-year-old clearly has a sense of humor about the newfound attention. On Monday, he joked on Twitter that he’s now “one step closer to dating @taylorswift13.”

Yeah, good luck with that Evan!