Kevin Bacon Apologizes for Tweeting Out Spoiler for 'The Following'

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV
Kevin Bacon on "The Following"
Kevin Bacon on "The Following" (Fox)

If you're following "The Following," you may not want to be following Kevin Bacon on Twitter.

The actor, who plays former FBI agent Ryan Hardy on Fox's serial-killer drama, retweeted a key detail from this Monday's episode after the show aired. Which would be fine... except the episode had yet to air internationally. So for the non-Americans among Bacon's 234,000-plus Twitter followers, the key twist was spoiled. (We don't want to reveal the twist, for anyone that still hasn't seen the episode, but the tweet is still live on Bacon's account.)

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International fans of the show immediately noticed the gaffe and complained about having the big twist spoiled for them:

Bacon took to Twitter yesterday to apologize for the slip-up:

Bacon even went a step further and personally recorded a Vine video of himself saying "My bad" (three times, actually):

Okay, we'll forgive you this time, Kevin. But don't let it happen again... or Joe Carroll won't be the only one after you.

Want to see the twist for yourself? Watch this week's "The Following" in full right here:

"The Following" airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.