Kennedy Matriarch Talks Taylor Swift

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Swift Reacts to Mayer's 'Dear John' Comments

After photos of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy hanging out in Hyannisport, MA broke the other week, many began to imagine a world in which Taylor Swift married into one of America's most iconic families. It was also reported that Ethel Kennedy (family matriarch and Conor's grandmother) had actually played matchmaker for the two.

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Today, Ethel addressed this rumor head on at The 2012 Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, CA (she's the subject of a new HBO documentary, Ethel). 

While she denied introducing the two (her daughter Rory Kennedy, says the family met Taylor after going to one of her concerts), Ethel said, "We should be so lucky," when asked about the possibility of Taylor Swift one day becoming Taylor Kennedy.

Perhaps America will get its own Royal Wedding in the coming years!

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