Kendall Jenner Reveals Why She Quit Instagram

The Hollywood Reporter

Kendall Jenner made headlines Monday when she deactivated her Instagram account. But don't worry, she plans on coming back.

While appearing on Ellen on Wednesday, Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres that she needed a break from the photo-sharing platform.

"I just wanted to detox," she said. "I'm always on it. I would wake up in the morning and look at it first thing. I would go to bed and it was the last thing I would look at."

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Added Jenner: "I felt a little too dependent on it so I kind of wanted to take a minute to detox. [But] I'll be back."

Even the 21-year-old was shocked that her leaving Instagram would become such a big deal.

"It's so crazy how it became huge news like that. I mean I guess I didn't expect it," said Jenner, who revealed that she also removed the Twitter app from her phone. (Her Twitter account still remains active, however.) "I honestly didn't think anyone would care. My friends and family kept texting me, like how does everyone know? They started sending me links to, like, CNN. And I was like, 'Why is this even a big deal?' "

You can watch her interview below.