Keck's Exclusives: Real Life Partners

William Keck
TV Guide
Sophia Bush, David Krumholtz, Will Keck, Michael Urie, Brandon Routh | Photo Credits: Lisa Rose for TV Guide

To prepare for their roles as BFFs on CBS' Partners, Ugly Betty vet Michael Urie and Numb3rs alum David Krumholtz, who'd never met before being cast, went an extra step to make sure the friendship rang true. "We had a sleepover and we had the best time," reveals Urie, who stayed at Krumholtz's house for two nights. He jokingly adds," I slept with David's wife!""

"I thought, what an opportunity for us to bond," says Krumholtz of the overnighter. "I have a dog and two cats that Michael fell in love with. And I introduced him to my secret face-mask regimen." Krumholtz isn't kidding. Turns out there's a bit of a role reversal between the two, who enjoy singing old TV theme songs together. While Krumholtz is straight on the show and married in real life, and Urie, like his character, is gay, "in a way, I'm gayer than Michael," says Krumholtz.

Urie, a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast, likes what he calls "masculine" movies and TV shows. "I love Stallone movies — and not because I'm attracted to him," Urie says. "It's the action." The guys even went on a movie date to see Stallone's The Expendables 2, where they were shushed by an older man seated near them. Urie recalls, "He turned to us and said, 'Are you two going to talk through the whole film?'" Get these guys a room!

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