Keck's Exclusives: Dallas Invites Afton Cooper Back to Texas

William Keck
TV Guide
Audrey Landers | Photo Credits: Everett Collection

That sound you hear is Dallas actor Ken Kercheval screaming with happiness; he just found out that his former on-screen love, Audrey Landers, has been invited to reprise her role as Afton Cooper in the TNT series' second season.

Landers personally told me the good news. "I do not know for how many episodes or when, but it's a definite," she says. "I do know it's not going to be in the beginning of the season. I am just really, really excited, because it feels like going back home. I'm also so happy for the fans who have been so persistent all these months. Now they won't be disappointed!"

Landers' return doesn't come as a complete surprise since the first season ended with the revelation that Christopher Ewing's estranged wife, Pamela Rebecca, is the secret daughter of Afton and Kercheval's Cliff Barnes. One of Landers' first phone calls was to close pal Kercheval, who was over the moon.

Per Landers, Kercheval told her, "Everyone's in for a real treat. I'm happy for a lot of reasons, especially because I can't do any love scenes with Patrick [Duffy] or Larry Hagman — and Cliff and Afton always did heat up the screen!"

Dallas' second season kicks off on TNT in January.    

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