Ke$ha's 'Simple Life' before the fame [Video]

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Before Ke$ha had a "Crazy Beautiful Life," she had a "Simple Life."

The music star's docuseries, "My Crazy Beautiful Life," debuts on MTV on Tuesday, 4/23 at 11 PM. But this isn't the first time Ke$ha has been on reality television.

In 2005, she and her family were featured on "The Simple Life" with stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Back then, the teen was living with her mother and brother in Nashville. The socialites came to stay with them and played matchmaker for her mom.

"They chose us because we're the most eccentric family in all of Nashville," Ke$ha has said.

See Ke$ha on "The Simple Life": 

After the show, she became friends with Hilton ... briefly. "I ended up kicking it with [Paris] for a minute," she explained. "To be frank, I went to her house party and didn't talk to anybody and ended up dancing around by myself. Then I got kicked out for being a bit too rowdy. I'm just not a swanky b----. I'm the antithesis of her."

Filmed over two years, "My Crazy Beautiful Life" gives viewers an intimate look at Ke$ha's life on and off the road. The series follows the singer around the world as she tours, promotes her music, and of course, gets into Ke$ha-style situations.

Like getting, uh, intimate with a cannoli:

Watch Ke$ha's latest music video "C'Mon":