Kathie Lee Gifford Does the Mambo on 'Smash' [Exclusive Video]

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Kathie Lee Gifford is known for belting out big notes (and for co-hosting "Live!" with Regis Philbin back in the day), but "The Today Show" host is slipping into her dancing shoes and a blond Marilyn Monroe-inspired wig to shake her stuff on NBC's musical-drama "Smash."

In this exclusive sneak peek at Saturday's episode, "The Producers," Gifford is playing herself in a faux "Today" segment about musical-theater students visiting the "Bombshell" cast for a master class in the 20th Century Fox mambo.

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It's a good thing that Gifford is no stranger to musical theater; she's contributed to several productions, including "Saving Aimee" and "Key Pin It Real."Alongside an exhausted Ivy (Megan Hilty) -- who's been on a press tour for the play -- Gifford and the cast put on a show for the kids (and the "Today" audience) that involves dips, spins, and a few rolly chairs.

On the other side of the camera, "Bombshell" producer Eileen (Anjelica Huston) is asking Tom (Christian Borle) why Julia (Debra Messing) is missing the "Today" segment. "It's not like her to miss out on something like this," Eileen says.

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Tom -- a composer and Julia's writing partner -- says that he's reached out to her but that Julia moved out of the apartment they shared: "It was always the plan. She found a really cute place. We're totally fine."

Eileen is more concerned about their work and drops a bombshell of her own: that Julia is writing "Gatsby." A tidbit of information that clearly has Tom seeing red.

To see Gifford's guest spot, tune in on Saturday, 4/27 at 8 PM on NBC. "Smash" will be coming to end in a high-profile two-hour series finale on Sunday, 5/26 at 9 PM.

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