Kat Dennings Talks Klutziness, a Musical Episode of '2 Broke Girls,' and the Secret to the Pep in Her Step

Yahoo! TV

One would expect Kat Dennings to be among the first to be told that CBS' "2 Broke Girls" had been renewed for a third season. Not exactly.

When Yahoo! TV caught up with the 26-year-old to talk about her funny new ad campaign for Lipton, it was just hours after the pick up news broke. So how was she feeling? "Thrilled," she replied, before quickly adding, "But no one told me! I found out online. I was like, 'What? Well, I guess we're picked up. Thanks for telling me … no one!'"

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It's that sarcastic sense of humor that has endeared her to fans who can't get enough of the sassy waitress with the signature red pout that she portrays on the series opposite Beth Behrs' Caroline.

So what can we expect in Season 3? Perhaps some singing. Recently, Behrs said she'd love to do a musical episode, but didn't think she'd be able to get Dennings onboard.

"That's what she wants to happen," Dennings laughed. "I doubt she'll be able to convince me of that. Though, if we're doing a Season 3 – and hopefully more seasons to come – I rule nothing out that they'll make us do. Who knows – maybe the world will finally see Max sing a show tune!"

Would the world be impressed with her music talent? "Am I a good singer? Well, I love singing," she answered, then added with a wink, "I don't know if I'm any good."

While she rattles off her thoughts on various show-related topics – Jennifer Coolidge ("she's a complete wild card – you never know what she'll do"), Caroline's horse ("His real name is Rocky and he's the sweetest boy in the world"), and the possibility of having show creator Whitney Cumming as a guest star ("That would be amazing") – Dennings is guarded about divulging too much, though she insists she's not looped in anyway.

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"They literally keep us in suspense. I still don’t know what's happening in the finale and we're a week away from shooting. I think the reason they don't tell us anything is because they don't accidentally want us to telegraph something with our eyes," she joked.

One thing she is eager to talk about is her collaboration with Lipton on a series of funny new online spots which also spotlight her comedic abilities. In the videos, directed by Tim Matheson, she is shown attempting various activities – including yoga, jogging, and gardening – in search of a pick me up. Let's just say those things don't exactly work out for her and she finds her Zen with tea instead.

Asked if she's always been funny, as we know she is on the show and certainly is in the spots, she downplayed her talents.

"Oh my god – I don't know," Dennings answered. "I think I'm one of those people who can do anything and look stupid. So I wouldn't say I'm funny, but I'm pretty klutzy, which is kind of what the videos are about. They're cute and funny things that can happen when you try something for the first time. Obviously I settle on Lipton tea instead, which is delicious, instead of falling down doing yoga. And the gardening scene is not far from what really happened when I tried gardening in the past. I've been stung by bees. I've stepped on spiders. It's terrible. So tea is much easier for me."

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Despite serving up plenty of coffee on her show, she is a lifelong tea drinker. She drinks it on the set to "put a pep in my step" - and extols its health benefits. Her favorite flavors? Black tea by day (with sugar and a little milk) and green (plain) by night.

Well, she'd better keep a steady supply -- now that Season 3 is official, we're expecting her to continue delivering up the laughs.

"2 Broke Girls" airs Monday at 9 PM on CBS.