Kat Dennings and Ronda Rousey Have Their Own Knitting Group

Kat Dennings, co-star of TV ‘s”2 Broke Girls,” stopped by “Ellen” on Friday, where she talked about recently turning 30 and all the excitement that goes with it, like starting a knitting club. This isn’t just any old knitting club. The club is called The Yarn and the Restless, and includes MMA superstar Rhonda Rousey, among other people.

Picturing the face-bashing, arm-barring former UFC champ Rousey peacefully knitting may be a difficult feat of the imagination, but Dennings explained to host Ellen DeGeneres what this particular knitting club is really all about.

“Here’s the truth, all these clubs I have are just wine clubs,” said Dennings, adding, “We just knit a scarf and get drunk.”

Dennings has big plans for the scarf once it’s finished.

“I’m gonna charge two grand for the scarf when I’m done,” said Dennings.

DeGeneres suggested she sell it for charity, and Dennings agreed, saying, “That’s a really good idea. See, this lady’s always thinking of other people — and knitting.”

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