Karmin's Ultimate July 4 Song!

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Karmin's Ultimate July 4 Song!

Karmin, a.k.a. Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, have seen their profile explode in 2012 thanks to their #1 hit Brokenhearted -- and now they're letting you know what song they want to hear when fireworks are exploding over head!

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The pop duo participated in iHeartRadio's latest musical survey, answering the question: In honor of Independence Day, which is your favorite song with the words Red, White, or Blue in the title? Their answer, Behind Blue Eyes by The Who!

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But when readers were polled, they chose Prince's Little Red Corvette (snagged 24.8 percent of the vote). Close behind was Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes (22.1%), Billy Idol's White Wedding (20.5%), Behind Blue Eyes came in at number four (19.0%) and Rush's Red Barchetta (7.4%) closed out the top five.

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