The Kardashians Launch Plus-Size Line

Antoinette Bueno
The Insider
The Kardashians Launch Plus-Size Line

Considering that both Kim and Khloe Kardashian not only embrace their curves, but seem more than happy to flaunt it, it was only a matter of time before they came out with a plus-size line.

The Kardashian sisters are set to debut their new plus-size line this fall called, what else, Kardashian Kurves, which caters to ladies sizes 18 -- 24.

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The line includes jackets, dresses, tops and pants, with prices ranging from $68 to $110.

A look at some sketches of the clothes reveals everything from a hot pink blazer, super-skinny black leggings and a flirty mini dress with a cutout in the back, which all actually looks like it could conceivably come from a Kardashian closet. 

... We'll let you decide if that actually appeals to you.

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The clothes hit Sears stores in October.

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