Kaley Cuoco makes wishes come true in Toyota RAV4 Super Bowl ad [Video]

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This is shaping up to be Kaley Cuoco's year. We already know her as the "Big Bang Theory" beauty, but now she's taking her star power and running. She already hosted the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 9, and next up, she's starring in a Toyota RAV4 commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.

In this sassy spot, Cuoco is a genie out of her bottle and rocking a suit; she looks pretty in purple all the way down to her stilettos. And unlike some other Super Bowl-commercial stars this year, she manages to keep her clothes on.

As she struts through city streets with her pooch (also decked out in purple), we hear none other than Skee-Lo's '90s hip-hop hit "I Wish." Get ready for this song to make a comeback -- or at least be stuck on repeat in your head.

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As she passes people on the sidewalk, she makes their dreams -- which happen to coincide with the song's lyrics -- come true with a smoky purple poof. "Wish I was a little bit taller" -- poof. "Wish I was a baller" -- poof. What does this have to do with the RAV4? Well, right before the lyric wishing for a "'64 Impala," the music stops and Cuoco hops into a RAV4. What does she find? A rabbit in a hat with a bat, of course.

This isn't Cuoco's first foray into commercials. It was announced this year that she would be co-starring with William Shatner in Priceline ads. The dynamic duo taped two spots for the campaign, and the first one premiered on YouTube in mid-January.

The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, which airs Sunday, 2/3 at 6:30 PM on CBS.